Hire of chillers to improve the efficiency of a turbine

Temperature control: optimize the performance of a turbine

The objective of our customer was to maintain the efficiency of a turbine, even in summer. Aggreko has suggested a temporary solution to keep the flow of the intake air at a temperature of 18° C.

Customer needs

The preservation of efficiency of a turbine is very important, especially to ensure continuous production.
In this case, our customer was trying to preserve its working structure in the summer heat. The power of the turbine is directly proportional to intake air mass. In summer the hot air is less dense than that sucked in the winter or spring from the turbine.
This lack of oxygen results in a reduction of the combustion process and consequently reduces the available energy of the turbine shaft.

To achieve

  • Fittings
  • Controls
  • Air treatment by customer

Our solution

  • Tank air cooling with a cold battery calculated to satisfy the flow of air temperature and removed from the turbine.
  • WCC chillers in our series.
  • Collectors connection between this central heating and air cooling coil.


  • Preserve the efficiency of the turbine
  • Contractualisation this service for a period of 5 years
  • Avoid a very substantial investment

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