Hire of cooling towers to chill a refinery

Complete the cooling system in a petrolchemical site

An insufficient cooling system in a petrochemical site had as a consequnce the fact that our customer had to evacuate the gas flow in case of excessive increase in pressure. Aggreko has provided a refrigeration system and three generators to support the water cooling system.

Customer needs

The heat exchanger of the customer was unusable. To replace it, Aggreko has provided a new release and has integrated it in the production process. All happened in a potencially explosive area.

Our solution

  • A 1.500 kW water chiller and three 500 kVA power generators to ensure redundancy.
  • The water chiller and the generators have been installed by Aggreko.
  • Our customer has integrated the heat exchanger.


  • For all the last of the project Aggreko had to ensure the negative temperatures.
  • Suggest the better working chilling solution with the best energy efficinecy.

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