Hire of generators and chillers Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival

Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival

Host an exhibition of ice sculptures for six weeks during the Christmas holidays is a challenge; maintaining the temperature of an exhibition space of 10,000 m2 between -5° C and -10° C.

Customer's needs

  • The organizers of the tour "DUTCH ICE SCULPTURE FESTIVAL" have decided to present in Eindhoven in the Netherlands their exhibition of ice sculptures for about six weeks during the Christmas holidays.
  • To realise this event, the company NEPTUNUS, the supplier of the temporary structure has contacted us to provide the required cooling to maintain a temperature between -5° C and -10° C of the exhibition hall.
  • From a very innovative concept for the use of suitable materials resistant to low temperatures this temporary structure is associated to an Aggreko plant.

Aggreko solution

  • To maintain a very low temperature inside the tent (approximately 10,500 m3) without disturbing the visitors, we installed six AHLT270 built to run at low temperatures.
  • These devices are connected to a refrigeration system operating according to a cascade refrigeration cycle.
  • This allows the central cooling fluid at a temperature of -30 ° C with an optimum energy efficiency.

The equipments installed include:

  • 2 VLTC 350 stage low temeprature -30°C
  • 6 AHLT270 air handlers to maintain the structure temperature at -10 ° C
  • 1 AHC 150 working in "free cool" for cooling tanks
  • 1 electric closet equipment protection
  • 1 Set of accessories (pumps, pipes and valves)


  • Ensure the low temperature conditions imposed by the contract for the duration of service
  • Propose a production tool cooling operating with the highest energy yield
  • Support the customers choice in its technical partners


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Ice Dutch Festival

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