Hire of power generator to supply a Data centre

Power a Data centre

Our goal: to allow the construction of a datacentre near an existing one. The full system had to be installed, wired and tested.

Customer needs

  • They had to build the new C.E.D. quickly, according to the deadline established in order to avoid penalty
  • It was necessary to install or renovate the electrical system and cooling while the exterior of the building was undergoing renovation contemporary
  • The existing C.E.D. had to work

Our solution

  • 2.5 MWA power, cooling and UPS 1 MW 1 MW
  • The cooling was in operation while the generators were to support the power grid
  • Installation, service (s) mobilization and maintenance performed by Aggreko


  • Reliable service
  • Quick & easy solution
  • No investment

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