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Supplemental Cooling

Productivity may decrease due to limited production capacity of cooling towers, especially during the summer months. Aggreko temporary cooling towers can be used with existing towers to increase capacity and reduce the temperature of cold water, keeping the productivity at the highest levels.

Aggreko provides two methods to provide additional cooling. The first way to increase the production capacity of cooling towers is to divert part of the warm waters of the main tower cooling towers to send them to hire where they are cooled before returning to the cooling process.

The second method to provide additional cooling provided by our experience is the use of a heat exchanger to isolate the exchange of a cooling tower and place it on the rental tower whose dimensions are specifically intended to reach the ideal temperature. When a particular interchange, or a group of exchangers is limited by temperature and the flow of water, cooling towers are able to provide temporary cold water needed to operate optimally.

This method not only has an interest in the heat exchanger in question alone, but by reducing the heat load and the flow of water from the main cooling tower, the temperature of the heat exchanger is reduced and the remaining water flows have increased, allowing the best conditions.



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