Aggreko 800 kW air-cooled fluid Chiller Hire

800 kW air-cooled fluid Chiller Hire

The WCC800 air-cooled fluid chiller has been specially designed for the demanding rental market, to meet the different temperature control needs of many industry sectors, including food and beverage, refining, chemicals, utilities and manufacturing.

The units, suitable for wide voltage (380 / 480 Volt) and frequency range (50 and 60 Hz), can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -18C to +50°C and deliver fluid from -12C to +15°C. High cooling capacity and increased coefficient of performance (COP) were key drivers for this innovative unit, which achieves 742 kW cooling capacity at Eurovent normalised conditions and a COP of 3.10. 

All fans are inverter controlled to save energy and reduce noise, with a built-in sound enclosure for compressors. As with any other Aggreko chillers, the WCC800 is fitted with Aggreko’s own remote operating system and uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.

In Europe, Aggreko is finding a growing demand for high-performance, high-capacity and high-quality air-cooled fluid chillers for both short and long-term rental. They enable the continuity of production during maintenance periods or to replace broken down equipment, and provide supplemental cooling capacity during the summer or production peaks. They are appropriate for any temporary project where the customer wants to avoid capital expenditure while enhancing productivity.