Russian Power Station

Russian Power Station for worlds leading manufacturer


The challenge to the customer

As a world leading manufacturer of wood-based flooring embarked on a project to construct a large new production plant near Moscow, Russia needed temporary power supply. The customer needed a complete power station because there was no local utility supply installed near the production plant.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko successfully provided a temporary power station of 7 MW at 10kV to provide production capabilities throughout the sub zero temperatures of Russia’s harsh winters. Despite the extreme cold temperature, as cold as –25 degrees, Aggreko’s equipment performed successfully from November 2003 until January 2005.

The benefits to the customer

Aggreko’s temporary power station provided our customer with reliable and consistent power in order to maintain production. Without the support of Aggreko, our client would have been without production until the local utility could provide a supply.

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