Alkylation Case Styd

Alkylation  limitations for Gulf Coast Refiner

The challenge to the customer

In the Spring of 2004 a Gulf Coast refiner contacted Aggreko to evaluate cooling limitations within the alkylation unit. High reactor temperatures were limiting production and causing a loss in octane number and an increase in acid consumption. Demand for the alky unit was at an all time high and the client wanted the project completed and on-line as soon as possible

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko Process Services engineers remained on-site to complete the Process Design Package while the equipment was being delivered and set-up. The PHA review and operator training were completed prior to start-up of the project.

The project was started up without incident. Within a few hours the reactor temperature had been lowered by 10 oF.

The benefits to the customer

This project has allowed the refiner to maintain the desired production rates, increased the octane value by 1 octane number and reduced acid consumption significantly. The comments from the customer confirm the value that APS brought to the project.


“When Aggreko Process Services got involved with the project, our expectations were exceeded. We were unaware of APS and the expertise, professionalism and added value they bring to a project. After our initial meeting we were completely confident in their abilities and trusted their recommendations. Their commitment to remain on-site to complete the final design work showed their dedication to the project. It was a pleasure working with the APS team and we look forward to working with them on future projects.


- Refinery Plant Manager


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