Aggreko provides power generator, chiller and load bank for rent

Rental of generators and air conditioning for data centers and the telecommunications industry & Networks

Aggreko is a recognized expert in the world of rental generators, load banks, refrigeration units, cooling systems of data centers (Data Center). Our rental solutions are:

Diesel power generators

For remote sites and satellite-relay telecommunications, Aggreko is able to handle the refueling tank built into the generator (range towerpower) or the oil tank independently associated (range EnviroTank).

Generators in stand-by rescue team of data centers

These sets of redundant backup of a 'power units from 30 KVA to 2100 KVA, ensure the safety and allow to keep the commitments made regarding quality to its customers.

Electrical tests for load banks

Aggreko provides resistive and reactive load banks for rent, to validate your electrical system, including the set with the start of the data center computer.

Provisional power supply

During the non-stop scheduled (grid cut) or the maintenance of data centers, Aggreko provides rental (o) of the group (s) generator (s), transformers, cables...

Water chillers rent

50 KW to 750 KW. Associated with central air Aggreko, they constitute a solution to the climate and economic performance for data centers.

Temporary air conditioning cabinets

Temporary air conditioning cabinets for direct cooling expansion for the whole year long racks in your data center or your local estate.


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