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Power and temperature control solutions in the Health Facilities

Hospitals, local health authorities, nursing homes and all health facilities within Italy, must provide medical services, a high level of comfort and above all, ensure the health of the environment. These services are directly related to the functioning of all systems installed in the structure, so a power failure or a break down are a serious problem for the security and safety of patients.

Aggreko has a big experience in handling delicate situations of emergency, be it power or chilling (air conditioning / heating) in healthcare facilities and it has developed dedicated, quickly and efficiently solutions.

Always available 24/7 Aggreko is the ideal and relible partner.

Our strenght:

  • Quick and efficient resolution of emergencies
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Rapid intervention
  • Experts technicians
  • Big fleet
  • 24/7 service
  • presence throughout all Italy

To speak to one of our team in Italy please call

+39 02 484 0491

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