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Energy and chilling for the Petrochemical Industry

Aggreko’s proven experience and comprehensive expertise has made it the premier resource for rental energy solutions for the petrochemical industry. Drawing from our people’s vast industry-specific knowledge, we develop turnkey solutions to meet a wide range of challenges.

The service range of Aggreko is about an easy rental of equipment for the production of electricity as the complex technical solution for process improvement designed by Aggreko Process Services' engineers.

Power and chillers hire in the petrolchemical industry

From providing rapid emergency response to equipment failure for a multi-national petrochemical organization, to vessel cooling or to increasing production through process de-bottlenecking, Aggreko is committed to delivering the highest performance standards.  We help keep production and profitability flowing while delivering valuable time and cost savings.

You can find examples of solutions that Aggreko has provided to different petrochemical companies in the Aggreko Solutions section. In these case studies and customer testimonials, you can find actual cases in which we have provided equipment such as heat exchangers, chillers and cooling towers for services ranging from simple equipment rental solutions to process improvement.

  • Addressing seasonal process cooling limitations
  • Providing low temperature refrigeration systems
  • Emergency cooling tower replacement
  • Temporary cooling during repairs and turnarounds
  • Environmental compliance
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Supplemental air to process units
  • Process and operational de-bottlenecking
  • Emergency response for unplanned process and utility outages
  • Utilities for short term R&D production runs or qualifications
  • Improving equipment reliability
  • Qualified professional process engineering team and support


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