Aggreko and the rental of power generators

The largest offshore platform ever built in Holland

A few years ago, Heerema Zwijndrecht has won the contract to build a platform from 11,000 tons with production facilities, hotel (Valhall Re-Development Integrated Production Facility & Hotel). During the last phase of construction and commissioning of the largest offshore platform ever built in Holland, Heerema has requested the support of Aggreko...

During the commissioning of the platform, Aggreko Netherland has provided 3 generators of 350 KVA. Since the load demand varied from day to day, the generators have been set to load on demand mode. It has also been used a load bank of 5MW to control the two 3.5MVA generators aboard. Finally we provided a cooling system to simulate a complete system of offshore seawater cooling system. The project began in early 2009 and is still ongoing.

Recently, the main BP Valhall platform off Norway is going to to be installed. Aggreko has provided two 200KVA generators for the Valhall offshore, which are used during transportation and installation to provide the power needed for lighting and cranes.

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