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Shipyards-power for the construction of cruise ships

Since decades, the largest German shipping company, has an excellent reputation in the construction of specialized ships. The company is internationally known especially for the construction of large and modern cruise ships of high quality. Since over 10 years, Aggreko provides temporary power supports to this company, from the earliest stages of construction until the launching of the ship ...

This company has always been at the forefront of environmental protection, in fact, asked to Aggreko to adapt to new standards of environmental protection. Aggreko has satisfied the customer's request and has made environmental awareness a priority.

Aggreko is very proud to have recently supplied the largest German shipyard, the latest generation of our low emissions generators of 1500 KVA. These innovative generators meet the standards of "TA Luft" for particulates and CO emissions. This is the first introduction of low-emission equipment of new generation, with significant benefit to the environment:

Reduction of NOx emissions by about 44% compared to the standard product Aggreko:
  • Reduction of particulate matter by about 76%
  • Reductions in emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) of about 41%.
Aggreko with this project demonstrates its commitment to the environment.

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