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Shipbuilding, shipping and offshore platforms

Aggreko provides many services tailored to the shipyards, companies that deal with transportation on ships and offshore platforms.

We have a wide range of generators and load banks, and a lot of solutions in air conditioning and heating.

Power generators

Our generators provide temparary electricity to support the construction of a ship. We offer a supply in case of failure of a generator on a ship. All Aggreko's generators are in containers.

Our generators are comply with the new environmental laws: low-emission and fuel tanks buit to prevent oil spills.

Rental load banks

Our solutions allow you to test your installation before the departure of ships, cruises, etc..


Aggreko provides chillers, temperature control solutions, from handling to air conditioning, from heating to dehumidification. Aggreko services are available 24/7 wherever you are!

An Aggreko employee will answer to your questions. Aggreko allows you to save time and money and all Aggreko's equipment requested will be installed by our specialised technicians in a very short time.

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