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Temporary Power & Temperature Control for Restaurants

Opening a new business as a restaurant or a fast food entails considerable investment in terms of cost and time. Often, in addition to the lead time needed to build or renovate a building or the request and obtaining of all permits you agree, etc. you have to further postpone the opening date planned, due to delayed or long waiting times to get connected to the mains.
Aggreko supports all phases of this process, from the supply of electricity during the construction of the building until the full provision of electricity to the rental of air conditioning/heating in case of delays or emergencies.

Aggreko services:

  • Temporary power
  • Rental of load banks for load tests
  • Rental of air conditioning/heating
  • Rental service available 24/7
  • Emergency services
  • Disaster recovery plan - risk management
Aggreko: Your ideal partner for power supply!

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