Power generators and chillers on hire with Aggreko

Alternative energy sources

In addition to the work undertaken to expand our rental solutions for our gas generators, we pay attention to technological development, to theprogress that we could make on our range of equipment for rent.

Biofuel generators hire

  • Composed wholly or partly of organic products (especially processed vegetable oils such as soybean oil or peanut oil), biofuels can be used in our sets.
  • Depending on the engine fitted to our groups, we ensure the operation of machines with 100% biodiesel (EN 14214 or B100), B5, B20 or B30. This is particularly significant to protected sites and industry events.

Synthetic diesel generators hire

Synthetic diesel (GTL diesel) can be used in all our groups, thereby reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.

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